Volunteer abroad with Global Village

Every year, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand and its Affiliates facilitate the involvement of hundreds of volunteers overseas to build homes in developing countries. 

Volunteers work alongside partner families generally over a period of one to two weeks. This provides a meaningful and tangible way of helping others across the world into decent shelter. 

For families who are determined to break out of poverty, the programme enables them to build a better future. For children, a new home offers a chance to grow and thrive in surroundings that are safe. A place to live where they are sheltered from bad weather, fall sick less, go to school more regularly, and get to enjoy childhood. For volunteers, it is the meaningful experience of building and interacting with Habitat partner families. Global Village promotes a sense of goodwill, seeing a fellow human have a decent place to live.

Click for more information on the countries and overseas experiences you can choose through volunteering with Global Village. 

Before we had our home, we had to cook outside, the dirt would get into our food. It made me feel weak. Now we have our own home, I felt so secure. We are so grateful to Habitat for helping us build our home. Father, mother, son we are so happy.
— Chanidtha - Partner family recipient

Can you build homes in Nepal, make a difference and have a laugh? Find out with Habitat March, 2020

How do you touch people's hearts to sign up and help build homes for families in housing need in Nepal?

Miraculously, our build team appear to have Academy Award-winning acting skills as well as being building experts. Lucky us......Do you think we should nominate them for an award?

All jesting aside......There are over 100,000 houses that still have not been rebuilt after Nepal's earthquakes. We need lots of help to get these families into their own homes so they can experience strength, self-reliance and long-term stability.

We have a highly-skilled build team with a terrific sense of fun and generosity of heart heading to Nepal, helping to build a number of homes with local families in March 2020.

If you're up for an adventure where your efforts will impact hugely leading to lasting change please contact Jay and sign up to join us today.

Call Jay- ‭022 677 0614

Email :james.davies@habitat.org.nz

Or signup online by clicking on this link to find out more details. 

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Asia

Generations of people remain trapped in a cycle of poverty (in Asia and around the world) due to lack of resources - basic things we usually take for granted: food, water, shelter, clothing. 

Habitat building hope and happiness in Thailand

Chanditha tells of the life changing experience of partnering with Habitat for Humanity Thailand building her own home for her family. Bring a smile to your day and enjoy watching this uplifting, inspiring short film.

A Place with Fresh Air
Escaping Poverty in Cambodia: Building Home

Sam Soo lived with his wife and children in a slum next to the Stoeung Meanchey dumpsite in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working long hours and getting ill from the fumes and waste. Watch as his life is transformed when he and his family partner with Habitat for Humanity on a big build. You could be there this year to help more families just like Sam Soo and play a truly life changing role in changing another future for the better.

Why are there Slums in the Phillipines?

Working in the Philippines, Jap Semana - Volunteer Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity - has become especially aware of the extreme poverty levels in the country. He tells us that the situation in the country is extremely serious in that 4 out of 10 families don't have a decent place to live.

Irulu tribe of darkness - India

Irulas belong to the Negrito (or Negroid) race and one among the most marginalized tribes of Tamil Nadu in India. There are estimated to be 2.7 lakh Irulas in Tamil Nadu, spread across 13 districts. As per a study conducted by National Adivasi Solidarity Council -NASC, about 64% of Irulas live in extreme poverty with no house or regular income. Habitat are engaging in an ambitious plan to help everyone of these people into better housing and a brighter future. You could help to make the difference. 

Volunteering in Cambodia on a big build

Watch as Habitat Global Village volunteer Andy Lasseter talks about his Habitat trip to Cambodia, what it's like to volunteer abroad, the friendships he's made as a result of these trips and more.

What to pack on a Global Village trip

A useful packing kit list for international volunteers which also includes health tips when travelling abroad. A must for all Habitat for Humanity Global Village (GV) volunteers!