Disaster Relief

After natural disasters and conflicts, Habitat for Humanity is there to help rebuild communities and prepare for the future.

Devastating natural disasters happen around the world every year. War, conflict and civil unrest also create millions of refugees and internally displaced people. 

Habitat Auckland supports disaster relief projects across the Asia Pacific region with a key focus on the response to the devastating effects of cyclones in the Pacific islands.  

Long term relief and home building projects have included building of 300 falaes in Samoa after the 2008 tsunami, ongoing construction projects in Fiji after Cyclone Winston and a current commitment to build and repair 500 homes in Tonga after Cyclone Gita. 

Habitat New Zealand is also committed to an ongoing cyclone proofing of homes across the region to mitigate the worst affects of these extreme weather events.

Repair Kit distribution

 This video shows how Habitat provided residents in several Puerto Rico cities with shelter repair kits to help repair their hurricane-damaged homes. The kits are the first phase of Habitat for Humanity's hurricane response effort, Habitat Hammers Back.

Haiti Earthquake Effects and Responses in 2010- Habitat was there to help!

Effects and responses to the Haiti earthquake (2010): from reconstruction to recovery... The 7.0 earthquake which struck Haiti on Tuesday 12th January 2010, caused massive loss of lives. Its epicentre was 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince, a densely packed urban centre of more than 2 million people. Habitat was there to offer assistance and work towards a long term plan for recovery.

Haiti housing following earth quakes

The third phase of Habitat's recovery plan in response to the Haiti earthquake was replacing destroyed homes using a core house model.

Building a new home for Binda's family after the Nepal earthquake

The 2015 earthquake had brought about complete chaos. Bindi tells her story from her home being in rubble to a new home for her family partnering with Habitat. 

Our house collapsed and was buried under the rubble. At first I didn’t want to rebuild what I had lost. I was still grieving the death of my husband and thought I would have to wait until my children had grown up. But Habitat staff encouraged me to build my own home with their support. Now I have a stable home I can focus on my children and direct them on the right path in life.
— Binda- Partner family recipient