HomeFit is a no-nonsense, straight forward way to check if a home is warm, safe and dry.

Created by the New Zealand Green Building Council alongside the housing sector, a HomeFit assessment helps people understand how healthy their home is and supports them to make any necessary improvements.

Habitat Auckland is privileged to be chosen to be one of the assessors for HomeFit Certification. Our assessors have extensive experience in construction and home performance through the wide range of home repair and maintenance programmes Habitat provides.

How does it work?

An independent HomeFit professional from Habitat will come to your home and assess how warm, dry and healthy it is. If it meets the standard, you'll get a HomeFit stamp - so you can be sure the home is fit for your family.

Don’t worry if your home needs some improvements to make it healthier and bring it up to standard, as Habitat Auckland is on the list of HomeFit approved installers and can install curtains, groundsheets and draught stopping amongst other interventions.

HomeFit is an inspection-based assessment of the health, comfort, energy efficiency and safety of New Zealand homes. A HomeFit rating gives buyers and renters confidence that a home meets ventilation, insulation, heating and energy efficiency standards, and gives landlords peace of mind that they’re meeting their legal obligations too.

To do a HomeFit online check and to learn more about the service please click on https://www.homefit.org.nz/

To arrange a Habitat HomeFit professional to come and assess your property or just to provide advice please contact james.davies@habitat.org.nz

New Zealand homes aren’t good enough. All too often, they’re cold, draughty, expensive to heat and make us, our friends and our whānau sick.
— HomeFit